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Style(s): afro-ambient noise, musique concrète, minimalism, experimental

Toys: field recording, split bamboo marimba, Turkish darbuka, Punjabi ektara, Vietnamese jack fruit danmo, camel bells, elephant bells, goat bells, bone cymbal mallets, Trinidadian tenor steelpan, homemade surdo, piano, 5-string prepared electric guitar, Kawai K3, sequencer, effects, tape-manipulation, drum kit.


Aboombong immerses you in unsettling masses of sound that swarm, throb, clatter, and drone with vital, viral activity. It's like being enshrouded in fog in a foreign country of whose language you only have the most tenuous grasp and then chewing on a psychotropic root. It's a rare feeling, Rufus. (Dave Segal - The Stanger; Line-Out)

A quite remarkable blend of infectious afro-percussion, drones, minimalism and melanonchy...dangerously catchy...a refreshing, altogether absorbing record (Ali @ Shot by Both Sides).

Oscillating between drones, West African rhythms and cosmic jazz, [aboombong] nods to some of the most highly revered music of the 20th century: 'Broken Glass' to birdsong, musique concrète to cosmic jazz. Aboombong are aggressively hip and achingly contemporary (Samuel Breen @ Drowned in Sound).

It sounds just about as "free" as music gets, something that could have come from another planet. (Matthew Foster of Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits)

I listened to this wonderful album last night and was truly blown away...a must for anyone interested in out there music (

An intriguing blend of lo-fi drones, tape manipulation, mangled afro percussion and twitchy free-jazz drumming. And I'm liking it a lot.(Mr Tear @ Snap, Crackle & Pop)

This Is Pretty Fantastic! (Michael DUSTdevil @ YoungMossTongue).

It reminds me the best of the CAN album, Tago Mago, which is quite something. Even Sun Ra...
Psychedelic, strong, inspiring...(deadwhite horse @ geometria innamorata).

A mind blowing don’t want to miss this album. (Mogwai @ TheSirenSound)

Believe me you haven't heard anything like Aboombong before... this album is one hell of a trip. (Rhinocerouslip @ Hate R'n'B)

Fantastic release...One of the best of 2010 presented to us so far... very unique (poizless at Hype Light).

A wondrous Garden of Eden where everything exhales entrancing waves reaching out for the senses, which then magnify in intensity, consuming you in their divine essence. But it's too much to bear, the one is not yet ready to be swallowed by the whole, and as such the intensity recedes, the divine echo retreats to a gentler flow, and all that remains is the memory of this cosmic vision, which in turns loses itself in the vastness of time... this album goes to places where very few albums manage to go. (ILY@rym)

It certainly deserves some hype...blowing fresh wind into the Noise/Drone/etc... a delicious combo of tribal rhythms and noisy waves...Recommended (Amstad@rym).

...a collection of textures which will sit nicely as wallpaper music if you’re busy, but absorb you completely if you give them too much attention (drummer13@Help! My Snowman's on Fire!)

tre parole che mi vengono in mente durante l'ascolto: allucinazioni, deserto, steampunk. (Oscuro@trumetal)

Aboombong is on the way to a no man's land, where heaven and earth are in constant communion with the gods, but passionate in silent contemplation. (Francesco Nunziata, ondarock)

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released January 1, 2010

Trumpet on jericho by Dave Chapman (from ¡para!helion) is an outtake from the valis recording sessions (




aboombong Seattle

Sonic research from the land without sun.

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